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Dill BIO

Anethum graveolens

Chemotype: limonene, carvone 

Distilled part: Seeds

Origin: Hungary

Main properties:

  • *** Mucolytic 
  • *** Decongestant 
  • *** Cholagogue, 
  • *** Eupeptic 

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More details

Apiaceae family, native to the eastern Mediterranean region. It is aromatic and measures 16–24 in. The stem is green, branches at the point where holding a large number of umbels with bright yellow flowers that come out in mid-summer. The leaves are thin, feathery with a reminiscent flavor of parsley. The fruits are brown and seeds are flat, oval and have a slightly bitter taste. The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of the seeds.

Main molecules (%): carvone 28-44%, limonene 25-50%, α felandreno 1-5%.


- Oral: YES

- Topical: YES

- Diffusion: NO

- Children: NO

- Alimentary: YES

  • - Main traditional uses: Hepatobiliary failure ***, Dyspepsia ***, Bronchitis ***
  • - Aromatic family: Spicy, middle note.
  • Blends well with: Bergamot, Coriander, Rosemary camphor, Tangerine.
  • CautionDo not use during pregnancy, in children under 6 years, elderly or in case of epilepsy.
  • - Use always under professional control.

Recommended blend


1 drop on a sugar cube 2 times a day.

Culinary blend

In fish and shellfish 1 drop for four people.

Please read and understand the terms and conditions

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