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The quality is our essence

The leading laboratory in Europe dedicated to scientific aromatherapy that offers the widest variety and quality of essential oils, as well as the most complete range of market references with organic certification. As an organization, we are committed to generating a positive impact on our environment, which is why we comply with the WHO’s Sustainable Development Goals and collaborate on social causes.


The best raw materials

With the commitment to obtain maximum quality and purity in all our raw materials, we travel around the world in search of the best local producers, subjecting them to authentication, analysis, and chemotyping processes. Our quality is certified by the BIO labels of Euro-Hoja and BIOVidaSana, among others.


Essential Oils

The widest range and the most comprehensive catalog in the market, with over 500 high-quality essential oils, all authenticated and chemotyped, and the largest number of organic references.

Vegetable Oils

We offer a wide variety of options and sizes, with the choice of selecting organic and/or conventional, as well as displays to facilitate sales on countertops and shelves.


Increasingly valued for their versatility in treating various ailments, as well as for their oral and topical use. At Terpenic, we have the widest organic range available in the market


Formulated products

Thanks to the knowledge gained as leaders in scientific phytoaromatherapy, we have developed a range of finished products formulated from 100% pure and natural essential and vegetable oils. A range of essential products for individuals seeking natural options for their well-being, health, and beauty.

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Organic essential and vegetable oils in organic capsules, easy to use and effective for various ailments.


Provides a balsamic and soothing action. Suitable for dry and productive coughs. Ideal complement for individuals prone to colds and congestion as it strengthens the immune system.

Topical creams and oils

Topical formulations based on premium quality vegetable and essential oils for pain relief, circulation, cellulite, epithelial recovery, stress, and more.

Organic skincare  🏆🏆🏆

Our skincares are natural, vegan-friendly, and certified by Natrue, designed to combat pollution and free radicals while reducing inflammation and nourishing the skin, keeping it young and healthy.

Bath  NEW

Botanical soaps formulated from the highest quality essential and vegetable oils, crafted using a combination of traditional and artisanal methods with the latest trends.

Diffusers and Synergies

Explore our collection of 100% natural synergies, formulated with essential oils, and discover the wide range of diffusers designed to adapt to various room types and needs.


The 9 awards obtained by the Organic Skincare line across 3 international reference events –the Orgànics Clean Awards 2022, the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2022, and the Eco Living Scandinavia 2022– recognize us as the best natural and eco-certified premium cosmetics products, showcasing our dedication to developing sustainable cosmetics that respect the environment.




We create products conceived and designed for practical and straightforward use of aromatherapy, so you can take care of yourself and your loved ones in the most natural way possible. As a result of these human-centered design processes, we've launched three flagship aromatherapy kits in the market: the DIY Daily Use Aromatherapy Kit, the Veterinary Aromatherapy Kit and the Aromadiffusion Kit.

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Committed to the

dissemination of aromatherapy

Dedicated to the promotion of aromatherapy for health promotion and natural well-being, we have launched the leading online platform for scientific aromatherapy training, terpenic/edu, along with its professional version, terpenic/edu-pro. Additionally, we share our expertise in aromatherapy through live workshops and exclusive events with our terpenic/experience.


Learn more about aromatherapy with the content from our Blog, Talks and WeArePhyto magazine.

Train yourself with our high-quality courses and webinars exclusively designed for professionals 


Immerse yourself in aromatherapy firsthand with our live workshops and exclusive events

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